Construction supervision over the performance of works: Investment maintenance of bridges – replacement of dilatations: – Bridge M1.8_004_113 over the river Tinja, Orlova klisura, Srebrenik – Šički Brod 3; – Viaduct M16.2_003_336 Novogodišnja ruč, Section Prozor – Jablanica 1; – Viaduct M17-012-302 Ostrožac, Section Konjic – Jablanica 1; – Viaduct M20-009-208 Osanica, Section Ustikolina – Goražde 8

Projekt details

Locality: B&H

Name of contracting authority: PC Roads of Federation of B&H d.o.o. Sarajevo

Type of provided services: Construction Supervision Of Works

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