Geotechnical monitoring of works geotechnical mission G31 and G32 for waste water treatment plant in Mostar

Projekt details

Locality: Mostar, B&H

Name of contracting authority: Aktor d.o.o. Sarajevo

Type of provided services: Verify whether geotechnical field conditions meet the preconditions from the geotechnical project, controlling of modulus of compressibility of the final layer: Object 1 ? foundation slab dimensions 9.70×12.0 m, object based on a blinding layer thickness of 50 cm; Object 2 ? strip foundation B=1.20 and 1.50 m, object based on a substitute layer thickness up to 1.60 m; Object 3 ? foundation slab dimensions 29.30×18.75 m, based on substitute layer; Object 10a ? Foundation slab; Object 10b ? Foundation slab and footings.

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