About us


IGH d.o.o. Mostar, a company registered for providing design, supervision and quality control services in construction, started to work in early February 2013. Commercial building IGH d.o.o. is located in Bišće Polje, in the industrial zone, at the southern entrance to Mostar. A building of 2000 square meters have the most modern laboratory and other equipment, that enables a higher level of expert services in construction, especially quality control and technical supervision.
The principal activities of the company ranges from testing various building materials and products through various types of supervision, design and revision (building construction, civil engineering, hydrotechnics, geotechnics, etc.) to the protection of the human environment.
With the available human and material resources, “IGH” takes a position as one of the leading consulting companies in Herzegovina, but also in the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.



VISION: To become a center of excellence for research and development in construction, with the preservation and further development of our core values such as knowledge, professionalism and competitiveness.

MISSION: Our mission is to remain professional and dynamic by the approach, so that we can, at any time, with our highly professional and quality services meet the growing demand in the field of construction in our country.
The experience gained on projects generates experts that are ready to assume an increasingly higher levels of responsibility, and to lead projects of increasing complexity. In this way, an invaluable base of IGH experts’ technical knowledge and experience is being created. This strategic intention ensures stable and safe future to the IGH and our clients.


Most of the permanently employed “IGH” staff have academic education, and besides its own staff the company has constantly engaged necessary external experts.


IGH is organized in six departments: Department of geotechnical, hydrotechnical and environmental engineering, Department of Supervision over construction in Civil Engineering and Building Construction, Department of Design in Building Construction, Department of Materials and Structures, Central laboratory and Department of General Affairs.


“IGH” is equipped with the appropriate computer hardware and basic software platform, and has a few specialized software packages for solving specific engineering problems. The central laboratory consists of several laboratories specialized for testing of individual building materials. All laboratories are equipped with modern laboratory equipment.


The main objective of “IGH” is to provide a professional service of good quality to the client. Management of “IGH” has adopted “Quality Policy of IGH” wanting to develop, to use and to improve permanently the internal quality system according to the BAS / EN / ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.